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The new website launched in Spring, 2016. AdMailer allows business owners to pinpoint their audience and filter them to make more efficient direct mail campaigns. The user simply logs in to their account, targets their audience, picks a template or designs one from scratch, makes payment and thats it. Their campaign gets delivered door to door by an post.


Project details

Iterative Process

We tried to get pen to paper as quickly as possible in order to develop wireframes before testing them in a prototype. After a few initial rounds of adjustment we recreated our wireframes into Balsamiq and stiched them together using Marvel app. This prototype grew in size as we developed further pages of the site. It really helped us test our designs quickly and also helped when it came to showing our dev team how each flow would work.

New Challenges has multiple applications built in to the site. One of which is the Target Area application which integrates with Google Maps and Data Ireland API's. Due to the sophisticated features built in to, designing a simple interface that allowed our users to utilise the power of the site's features would always be a challenge. A lot of research was done around map application interfaces and a lot of testing was done in order to get to the current version of the design.

Minimal Viable Product

It was identified during the discovery phase that our users were primarily going to use on desktop and tablet. In order to ship a minimum viable product (MVP) we created a separate mobile version of AdMailer with paired functionality. This site still allowed users to learn about AdMailers product offering and even allowed users to create accounts and action campaigns using their mobile device.

Early Results

The launch of AdMailer 2.0 has seen a large increase in new customers using the service. The success of the consumer facing product has led to the development of a new enterprise offering which is currently in beta. The project has won multiple awards including best in Ecommerce and Innovation in the 2017 World Post & Parcel Awards. It also picked up a bronze award in the 2016 DMA awards in the category of "Best in Utilities".

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