AerClub Loyalty Programme


Target McConnells


Aer Lingus


January 4, 2016


In 2016, I got the opportunity to work with Aer Lingus to create a suite of EDM templates for their new loyalty programme, AerClub. I worked closely with business stakeholders and technical partners to develop a modular system that would work across multiple campaigns for the for the airline. A master template would be created to house general information content in addition to three variants styled to represent each tier of the loyalty programme.

Project details

Pen to Paper

Initial low-fidelity wireframes were scamped onto paper and revised internally before moving into higher fidelity mockups using Sketch.

Dynamic Features

It was important that each AerClub users could see their account information at a glance so we design a colour specific module (based off the customers tier colour) that pulled in dynamic information which sat above the fold. Information like the users current tier and points total would feature below the main hero image of the EDM without being too dominent in the overall design.

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