DM Wow


Target McConnells


Post Media



A print come digital campaign for Post Media where we demonstrated the power of Direct Mail. I was tasked with designing an online experience that would facilitate the digital journey of the campaign.

Project details

Offline to Online

The idea was to send out direct mail to a targeted audience, challenging them with a puzzle and instructing them to complete the puzzle online. We sent out 3 ditrect mails, each with it's own unique challenge. One was an optical illusion, one was a maze and the other hid the answer in braille.

Phased Approach

Each puzzle was uploaded to the site in tandem with the direct mail delivery. We were able to track which users had answered which DM challenge. This allowed us to reward users that actively engaged with each challenge. The campaign proved a hit with our audience with over 16% engagement and positive tweets using the hashtag #DmWow.

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