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For three years I worked for Dunnes Stores in their Head Office on Georges Street as one of their first digital designers. I was part of the team that launched their new E-Commerce store back in 2013. I worked closely with my senior designer, Wassim Nasr on designing and optimising site landing pages as well email campaigns and various online brand elements. During my time at Dunnes, I found myself taking on more responsibility within the team. I was tasked with art directing various seasonal sales and email (CRM) campaigns. I was heavily involved in the mobile site re-design, in particular the mobile navigation which completely transformed the experience on mobile from previous versions.

Project details

Progressive Disclosure

One of the problems with the previous navigation was that the user had no context where they were within the sites architecture. To try and solve this, I opted for a layered system using progressive disclosure, a principle that was being used at the time in Google's Material Design. When a user went to a new level in the navigation an actual layer would slide over the screen demonstrating immediately their location within the site's architecture.


I designed the mobile sites navigation from the ground up, opting for a three tiered approach which allowed the user to understand their place within the navigation at any time. This proved to make the navigation more user-friendly and allowed for quick access to all sub category pages directly from the main navigation. This was something that wasn't possible from the old navigation. As a result, we saw increased interaction rates on mobile with the navigation as well as higher mobile traffic to sub category pages.

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