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September 13, 2015


A first of it's kind campaign where we used Post boxes scattered around the city to prompt users to freetext a number in order to receive a unique url that would play exclusive video content telling them a story from that location. I was tasked with the role of art directing the digital user experience of this unique campaign under the guidance of Oisin Hurst (Creative Director). I designed a microsite 1916.anpost.ie that housed the locations of the various red post boxes as well as some information on the key characters of the untold stories of 1916. As the campaign unfolded a video gallery was added to open up the video content for everyone to see.

Project details

Flow Diagram

It was really important that in an integrated campaign like this with so many moving pieces that a solid flow chart was developed early on in order for each team member to understand how the site would function. When a user stopped at one of our red post boxes and sent a text to the prompted number they would receive a reply in the form of a link. This link would take them to a hidden page with a video. When the video was almost done we would prompt the user with a question like "Do you think Mr X survived?". Once the user made a selection we served them the answer in the form of a second video, also hosted on a hidden page.

A Collection of Untold Stories

After phase one of the campaign we opened up the content for everyone to see. We created a gallery page that housed a selection of videos, each telling a separate story about the 1916 Rising. The layout of the page was quite simple using a 960px container. Cards were used for each of the videos, displaying a small thumbnail, title and short description with social sharing functionality.

Progressive Disclosure

The map was a key part of the site's design. People would want to know where the red post boxes were situated and we felt it was important to let them search the map without any other elements getting in the way. So when a user made a selection, the content moved out of the way and expanded the map, leaving the user to explore without obstruction.


The Witness History campaign turned out to be a great success. By engaging our audience with untold stories of the rising before encouraging them to enter a payment funnel we helped sell out the GPO exhibition for weeks. Within the first week of the site being launched we had over 5,000 visitors and over 8,000 video views with an average dwell time of over 3 minutes per visit. The campaign won multiple awards including a gold at the DMA awards in 2016 and a gold ICAD award.

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