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Sensation Audio


January 5, 2017


In 2017 I got the opportunity to develop a brand identity and MVP for an Irish tech startup called Sensation Audio. The company's mission is to improve the end users audio experience by tailoring the output according to personal hearing profiles. They needed to create a prototype that they could put in the hands of potential investors. The also had no brand identity at the time however they knew what the brand needed to represent. During the project I reported directly to the CEO John Maguire and Director of Product Marketing Michael McCan.

Project details

Brand Identity

The initial part of the brief was to develop a logo that truly represented what Sensation Audio was all about. I worked closely with stakeholders to understand the brand and researched sound wave technology to further my knowledge. After rounds of exploration, we landed on the final mark. It's a symbolised version of a sound wave representing a different wave for the left and right ear. The brandmark also doubles up as the letter 'S' for Sensation Audio. For a typeface, I chose Quicksand for its rounded soft corners and for how it pairs with its bold weight. When it came to developing a colour palette for the brand I leaned towards energetic almost fluorescent accent colours combined with dark contrasting tones of black, navy and grey. This would help develop more emotion within our imagery, using it in association with colour gradients and dark overlays. As well as the visual palette, I developed a strapline to be used across the branding; "Hear. Feel. Experience." which tries to represent the very product offering of Sensation Audio.


After the branding phase we focused on developing an MVP for the web demo which would be used by prospective investors and by the team themselves when pitching the product. As the on-boarding calibration was imperative to the success of the demo, I focused a lot of my attention on how to make this stage as simple as possible for the user. During this phase i iterated flows at speed and prototyped them with stakeholders to get feedback as quickly as possible.


Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity to see this project through to delivery due to an alternative work commitment however I was able to prepare all screens in high fidelity along with user flow diagrams and specification notes. This accompanied a brand toolkit that detailed all colours, logos, typefaces and treatment rules for applying the brand in different applications. I really enjoyed working with both John and Michael on this project and I feel like we achieved a lot within a short space of time. I will be keeping an eye on how things go for Sensation Audio in the future.

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