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Target McConnells


Vodafone | IRFU


November 5, 2016


In 2016, I got the opportunity to work on the Team of Us campaign (Art director: Steven Mangan and Copywriter: Bobby Byrne) for our client, Vodafone who are the main sponsor of the Irish rugby team. I was tasked with creating a digital hub that would be central to housing Team of Us content like the two documentaries we (Target McConnells) created for the campaign, social posts mentioning the #TeamOfUs and competitions and match day fanpics. We are currently in phase two of the campaign so why not check it out:

Project details

Mobile First Design

Every aspect of the hub was designed to be used on a mobile as that was where the majority of our traffic would be coming from. Content was displayed in a modular card format with navigation anchored to the bottom of the screen for an easier reach.

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